Things I Want My Daughters To Know (free pdf)


Genre: Psychological fiction

A mother’s love for her children can’t be matched. And for Barbara, not even cancer could separate her from her four daughters; Lisa who is dealing with commitment issues, Jennifer who seems to have it all put together but is just an inch away from falling apart, Amanda who spends as much time as she can on the road just to be away from her family and Hannah who had to spend all that time with their mother as she deteriorated.

Barbara speaks to her daughters from the grave through a journal, recording her journey up until death and writing individual letters to each one of them. These not only help them deal with their loss but also help them get clarity on their lives and enjoy the love each one of them deserves.

Things I want my daughters to know is one book that dwells heavily on family, friends, love and the strings of possibilities life has to offer for everyone who is ready to clasp unto them.

It was a great read with a beautiful perspective on the power of family that had my tear bags malfunctioning just a tweeny bit.


I did skip a couple of paragraphs across the book cos they seemed to be dragging out for me but generally, I enjoyed it and I bet you would too.

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