The Handkerchief.

I sat in the comfort of the darkness in my room as I held on to the only piece of material that reminded me of him.  I brought the handkerchief to my nose and inhaled deeply.  Our love story had been cut short.  I sighed as I thought of the events that led to this self-pity party. 
I was running to my car to meet up for my second meeting of the day when I caught his scent. It was so strong it almost made me lose balance and I just had to turn to see whose body it was emanating from. A perfume lover, I couldn’t resist myself. 
“Excuse me!” I half shouted to get his attention. He turned and all of a sudden, the heavens burst open. Everything around me came to a slow motion as I began to hear angels singing. A halo seemed to form around his head as my heart began to pound. Did I just meet my dream man? He had a perfectly chiseled face, eyebrows that were full and well groomed, lips that had the color of my favorite shade of pink, a skin that reminded me of the coffee I buy every morning on my way to work. This must be fate, I thought smiling sheepishly. I took a step forward to introduce myself when she came out of nowhere. 
“Charles, I turned and you were nowhere to be found.” She held his waist and seemed to notice me. I was frozen on the spot. “A friend of yours?” she asked. He shook his head, looking at me in confusion. I was too shocked, heartbroken and disappointed to move.  She looked into my eyes and then kissed him squarely on the lips. “Let’s go then. We are running late.” As they turned to walk away, his handkerchief fell from his pocket. Ignoring common sense, I dashed for it like my life depended on it and rubbed it against my nose, inhaling with so much finesse. It was the only memorabilia of love that was meant to be. 
And that…was how my love story ended before it even began. 

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