ON: Witch Hunting

Growing up was a whole lot of fun. We lived in a large compound that housed six families with an average of two children per flat. There was never a dull moment...well, except for when our parents forcefully kept us inside. We would Invent various kind of games during the day and converge for meetings … Continue reading ON: Witch Hunting

ON: Dad embarrassing his little girl. 

I happen to be one of those who experienced early maturity. I mean developing  breasts when my mates were still running around topless. I had my first bra when I was 10. I remember clearly that sunny afternoon, I was outside the compound with my dad when this woman with all sorts on a tray … Continue reading ON: Dad embarrassing his little girl. 

On: How I got my superman scar. 

It was a beautiful morning. My brother and I ran straight from the bathroom, through the corridor, past our room to the sitting room. I can't remember what the excitement was about that morning but we had our towels tied around our necks like super heros. Then we started running around the sitting room. Imitating … Continue reading On: How I got my superman scar.