My Soulmate Ghosted me. Twice.

In a bid to save me from being a single, old lady, sharing a house with 20 cats, a friend of mine - let's call him D - decided to hook me up (it cringes me to use this phrase) with his friend. I really wasn't interested in men or dating but then I felt … Continue reading My Soulmate Ghosted me. Twice.

Molue: The pre-danfo and BRT era.

Growing up, I had a sweet bitter relationship with molues. We were living in Mile 12 while schooling in Somolu. I was introduced to the world of tracks at about 5,6 years aka you run after bus. You had to get to the Mile 12 bus stop at a particular time. If you don't, you'd … Continue reading Molue: The pre-danfo and BRT era.

Disappearing Act

I've had a fever all day and as I lay in bed wondering how long it would take water to boil on my skin, I remembered an incident that happened when I was a kid. We had a hospital in our compound there were always constant visits there. Whenever I had a fever, I noticed … Continue reading Disappearing Act

ON: Witch Hunting

Growing up was a whole lot of fun. We lived in a large compound that housed six families with an average of two children per flat. There was never a dull moment...well, except for when our parents forcefully kept us inside. We would Invent various kind of games during the day and converge for meetings … Continue reading ON: Witch Hunting

ON: Dad embarrassing his little girl. 

I happen to be one of those who experienced early maturity. I mean developing  breasts when my mates were still running around topless. I had my first bra when I was 10. I remember clearly that sunny afternoon, I was outside the compound with my dad when this woman with all sorts on a tray … Continue reading ON: Dad embarrassing his little girl. 


Growing up, my dad was really strict with us. He didn't allow us watch TV except he put it on and we only watched what he wanted us to watch. Then we bought our first DVD player. This also was supposed to be a no go area. DVDs then usually came with a game CD … Continue reading ON: CONTRA-band

On: How I got my superman scar. 

It was a beautiful morning. My brother and I ran straight from the bathroom, through the corridor, past our room to the sitting room. I can't remember what the excitement was about that morning but we had our towels tied around our necks like super heros. Then we started running around the sitting room. Imitating … Continue reading On: How I got my superman scar. 

ON: How I poisoned myself at 8.

I was a very lucky kid. I always had a cake for my birthday. Every year, my birthday would fall during the easter period. My mum was still a caterer then and she  got plenty of orders for easter cakes. Mine was naturally inclusive. So, on this particular birthday eve I was too excited to … Continue reading ON: How I poisoned myself at 8.