Growing up, my dad was really strict with us. He didn’t allow us watch TV except he put it on and we only watched what he wanted us to watch. Then we bought our first DVD player. This also was supposed to be a no go area. DVDs then usually came with a game CD and playing pads. But we didn’t know about it till one day we were randomly ransacking our parents’ room. We discovered the game and thus began our secret game affair. Our favorite game was Contra. My brother and I would always itch with impatience, waiting for dad to leave for work so we can play all day. When the time for him to return home was close, we’d arrange everything back into the DVD pack like nothing happened. This continued for a while. 
One day, after our dad left the flat to go to work, we carried the dining chairs to the front of the TV as usual, slotting in our game CD and balancing like the King and Queen of Narnia. The door opened all of a sudden and we both froze as we watched our dad walked across the sitting room to his bedroom. We were still frozen to our seats when he came out of the room and walked out. My brother and I looked at each other wondering what just happened. On a very good day, we were as good as dead. At least two rules had been broken and there was no way he hadn’t seen us because he walked right behind us. We were too scared to continue the game, thinking he could come back and this time see us for real. So we packed up and put everything in its original position. 
The fear of what transpired didn’t let us sneak the game out for a while. But kids will still be kids. In no time, we resumed our secret game affair. 😂😂😂   
I hope you enjoyed the story. Drop your comments and share your exeprience with a strict parent.

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