Molue: The pre-danfo and BRT era.

Growing up, I had a sweet bitter relationship with molues. We were living in Mile 12 while schooling in Somolu. I was introduced to the world of tracks at about 5,6 years aka you run after bus. You had to get to the Mile 12 bus stop at a particular time. If you don’t, you’d either miss the early bus or end up running to catch up just as it’s driving away.
Countless times, my mum would have climbed into the molue with my baby brother and by the time she looks back, I’m struggling to catch up with my oversized school bag and lunch basket. Sometimes tears get involved. Mostly hers. But I always felt the molue would drive away with my mum and then someone would come kidnap me or something.
One thing I hated most was when the driver climbed the cuvette just to beat traffic and by the time he’s about to get off, the molue would almost tip sideways. I can’t even count how many times I said my last prayer. I’d tell myself maybe today is the day the bus would fall and catch fire. Damn. My imagination was wild as a kid.
Another thing I hated was the whole overcrowding mixed with some soul sucking body odours. If you are not smelling tomato, you are smelling fish or one annoying thing. I think this is where my love for window seat started because I was always feeling car sick.
But I always looked forward to the indians who would sell cough medicines. They were mostly young girls. “No more cough, no more catarrh, no more kpoho kpoho”, they will be chanting. 😂😂😂 Plus I loved to stare at their strangely long hair. They can sell market inside bus ehh. I remember one man like that that was selling only what God knows. He told people if they buy that thing and chew blade, nothing would happen to them. True true, a man did and nothing happened to him. My mum said they were probably together. I’d never know.
Molues were always full of drama. It’s a whole community on its own honestly. In short, if I keep talking, we go do season film here today.
If you were a partaker of the molue era, do share a funny experience with us. If you don’t know what a molue is, well I can’t help your situation. 😂😂😂
PS: that IS not a molue in the picture.

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