Love Crumbled Me

We all have fairytale versions of how we would love our lives to go but it almost never manifests as we hope. You can almost hear the mischievious giggle of life as she throws random stumbling blocks our way. They could be little blocks, they could be huge mountains. But deliver, she must.

Sequel to Dance With Me, Tope Omotosho’s latest book brings us full circle to the dynamics of the relationships between the characters. Shola struggles with coming to terms with the unprovoked divorce his wife had asked for. Micah is faced with the challenges that come with finding love again and being a spiritual guide to the youths at BYF. Zainab even with her strong faith in God still finds it unreal that someone with a past like hers could be loved unconditionally.

In Dance with Me and Crumbled, we see a story of love prevailing, faith being strengthened, relationships being restored. It’s a story of redemption, hoping against hope and serves as a reminder for us Christians to keep the good fight of faith.

It brings to fore the importance of our relationship with God and how it reflects on the relationships that surround us. It makes us understand that where men see darkness, God sees an avenue to shed His light even in the midst of your pain and struggles.

I love how the author talks about those things we Christians find uneasy to talk about; fornication, homosexuality, grief, the challenges of a being a Pastor and all.

This was an amazing read and I drew strength from the pages of the book. It’s soul-searching, thought-provoking and spirit-lifting. I know it’s fiction but I’d admonish that you read with an open heart because everything the book encompasses is vital to life and godliness. I can assure you that this is worth every penny.

Get you a plate of small chops with a box of juice, put your feet up, relax and be taken kiarof by Tope Omotosho’s fluid writing. The books are available as both hard copy and ebook.

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You can also follow the author on IG Tope Omotosho or visit her blog for more mind blowing pieces. Chai. She dey write sha o.

PS: If you want me to borrow you my copies, you have to sign a 5-page long document filled with rules and regulations on how you would promise to treat them with TLC. Deal? *tongue out*

I made this top to match the aesthetic of the books. Lol. Drama queen much?

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