Life's a Beach.

Alex watched as her husband and three kids ran along the shore. Their laughter filled the air as the wind seemed to carry it across the length and breadth of the beach. Her family had not been to a vacation in two years and she had had to tear her husband away from work to make this possible. She spread the picnic mat and began to arrange the contents of the picnic bag. She had made everyone’s favorite because she wanted this day to be memorable. She had even gone out of her way to practice for weeks on how to prepare the perfect pancakes. They had pancakes on their first date. Her husband, you see is the one with the amazing culinary skills so she wanted to surprise him as he’d been making the pancakes. She had bought the chocolate they shared the day he proposed, the brand of wine they had on their wedding day, and the cookies they had cried over as they welcomed their first child. She had worn the sundress he had pleaded with her to wear though she felt it was too short for her chubby frame. After she had laid the food and drinks neatly, she sank on her knees in the sand and pulled out the piece of paper from her purse. Tears began to form a puddle at the base of her eyes as she looked from the paper to her beautiful family; her happy family that had no idea they could anytime be without a wife and mum. “I’m sorry ma’am but you’ve been diagnosed with advanced leukemia.” Her world had come to a standstill. She had passed out at work and what she had felt was a result of constant fatigue had turned out to be her death sentence. This happened while Bode was out on his last business trip and she had kept it from him. It had been two weeks and she realized the earlier she told her family, the better it would be. So, she had insisted they come on this vacation. It was the third and last day. She was going to break the news to Bode first and together they’d tell the kids. She was determined to be intentional about living from now on and make the most of whatever time she had left. She, Alex will take every chance and drop every fear. 
The End.

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