I chopped the runner beans into tiny bits as I hummed along to James Arthur’s ‘Say you won’t let go.” Today was a special day and here I was sweating away, preparing my favorite dish; pasta with spicy curry and chicken sauce. The aroma of pasta boiling on the cooker mixed intricately with that of boiled chicken. My throat was getting itchy from all the anticipation. Dinner should be set soon. I wiped sweat off my brows, closing my eyes for a brief second. What I didn’t realise was I was no longer alone in the kitchen. ⠀

“Freeze.” The husky voice said, holding an object to the base of my back. Well, I froze.⠀

The tip of a sharp object pricked my back as I stood, dazed. What is going on? Did I forget to lock up? Who is this person and what does he possibly want? ⠀

My hand remained clutched to the knife as I started to conjure every self defence trick I could think of. Not that I went for any special classes but I had seen enough movies to know one or two things. However, the situation wasn’t favoring me as I had my back to him with barely enough space to move not to talk of twist or turn. ⠀

“Please, don’t hurt me,” I whimpered, hoping he’d get sympathetic.⠀

A coarse laugh escaped his throat. “I won’t if you play fair. Now drop the knife.” ⠀

I did as I was told. No point trying to act tough if I wanted to get out of this alive.⠀

“Move away from the knife, three steps to your right.”⠀

He didn’t have to say that twice. I could already feel my heart in my mouth. Should I scream? Will anyone hear me? Will they get to me in time? ⠀
“Now spread your legs slightly…” I did. “…just like that.” ⠀

I swallowed hard, not knowing what was coming next. He was so close I could feel his breathe on my neck. ⠀

“Close your eyes,” He whispered into my ear. ⠀

My heart was racing over speed limit. I couldn’t get into the intruder’s head and this was killing me. What would he do to me? This boring blue and white wall tiles can’t be the last thing I’d see before I die. ⠀

Sweat ran down my armpit as I felt his body pressing against mine. His large hands found their way up the front of my top. His cold hands felt strange against my warm skin. I swallowed, gripping the edge of the counter. Whatever happens next, I better brace myself for, I thought. ⠀

My knees started to wobble as I bit my lip.⠀

“Jay…” I moaned.⠀

“Hey wifey.” He whispered, tickling my belly button. A thousand fireworks went off in my head. ⠀

In one swipe, he got the long weave out of the way and kissed the hollow on my shoulder. He knows how weak that makes me. I could feel my chest rise and fall in anticipation. The kitchen suddenly felt ten time hotter. ⠀
Slowly, he turned me and lifted me to the counter top. One look below his waist and I giggled.⠀

“Oh…you won’t be laughing when I’m done with you.” The sight of his topless torso makes me quiver with excitement. ⠀

I pout and give my best puppy face. “I’m sorry.”⠀

“No, no…” he said, mimicking a teacher. “You’ve been naughty and you should be punished.” I pulled him in, locking him between my thunder thighs. ⠀

Jay cupped my face with his hands and nibbled softly on my lower lip. He pulled away and traced my lips with his finger before capturing them in a delicate kiss. ⠀

His hands find their way up my top as he unclasped my bra. ⠀

He moved to my ear, teasing as my body exploded with waves of passion.⠀

“Happy Wedding Anniversary, baby.” He whispered.⠀

I replied with a grunt, my body too ablaze to make cohesive sentences. I could smell the pasta beginning to burn. But dinner could wait. I didn’t want this moment to be ruined.⠀⠀




“Yes, babe?” ⠀

I felt a sharp slap on arm.⠀

“Who is your babe? The food you are cooking is already burning.”⠀

“Uhn?” I opened my eyes, disoriented.

How did I get to the bedroom from kitchen? Where is Jay?.⠀

“I don’t know what you are always dreaming about that you keep moaning in your sleep.”

One look at the home sapien next to me and I jumped up. I had been dreaming. Again. There was no Jay. Only Tobi my flatmate.

“Your food is burning.” She reminded me. “You better go and see a pastor before spirit husband enter your matter.” she added as I bolted to the kitchen. ⠀

I turned off the gas, too unbothered to check the extent of the damage on my concoction rice.

“As if it’s my fault that I’ve been single to stupor.” I murmured as I slid to the floor. Pulling my knees to my chest, I could see two house flies making out on my kitchen floor. Even houseflies are finding love. See life! ⠀

I sighed as my head fell to my knee. “God when?”⠀

The End.⠀

Thank you for reading till the end. Phew. It’s always scary putting up a new story and I just don’t know why. Let me know what you think about this one. And if you are a Kate, whether male of female, oya gather here for a selfie. 😂😂😂⠀

1…2…3….chakam! 📸 Good. let me go print it and hang in my bedroom. ⠀

Till next time. 😊😊😊

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