How Wokeness is Ruining Us

First of all, let me start by saying it is suuuch a good time to be alive. A time where voices are rising above the status quo, where people are no longer living the because-that’s-how-it-has-been-done life. A time where Nigerian youths are finally coming into the conscious awareness that they can actually speak (and think) for themselves on any subject matter without any form of fear or holding back.

But have you all noticed how our definition of wokeness is tied to engaging in mindless bickering, social media wars and senseless expressionalism on subject matters that normally should require logical thinking, constructive criticism and counter criticism. O…kay, are you still here?

Wokeness has always been about social activism but as usual, it’s the Nigerian way to take social constructs and turn them upside down. So, instead of social activism, we practice social aggressivism where everyone is more interested in pointing out how other people are wrong than coming to a viable solution. We are yet to grab the concept behind being ‘woke’ and are (mis)behaving like a kid that has been let loose in a candy store.

You all remember how the feminism wave went down. This is another misunderstood social construct that has become yet another channel for people to reveal their ugly insides. All people do is just spew more trash than LAWMA can keep up with and then try to sell us that oh-it’s-just-social media-bants bs. It’s. Not.

And here is the thing. It’s like holding a shotgun that has been wired to shoot backwards. Our perceived wokeness has revealed how many people are falling short on IQ, EQ and AQ. In a bid to appear intelligent and enlightened, more people are getting on the offensive, further creating a communication gap between people. Potential relationships, partnerships, mentorships and opportunities have been lost just because people are ‘speaking their minds’. And then for those who manage to make some sense, when it’s time to actually step up and make a move, they are nowhere to be found. At the end of the day, we are just a bunch of keypad warriors, jumping on the latest trend and enjoying our 0.5 seconds of fame. There is hardly anything gained or impacted.  

Are you seeking more knowledge and understanding why something is the way it is so you can know the truth and challenge what needs to be challenged or you are just interested in speaking your mind, not minding whose horse is gored? Learn to choose your battles. You don’t need to get involved in every conversation.

What is really important to you? What can you contribute to it? How far are you willing to go to bring about the change that will be required? How much can you sacrifice for it? And how woke is your woke? I hope you get to meditate on these questions and rearrange your priorities.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk. I hope to say a little more about it in the nearest future. But let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

*Words in italics are yet to be approved by English language but I really don’t care cos nobody cares either. Lol.

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