Don't touch me!!!

I don’t know if it’s a thing but I don’t like when other people’s bodies make contact with mine. It makes me super uncomfortable. Irritated more like it. Like when I’m walking on the road, I carefully navigate my way through people making sure their bodies doesn’t touch mine. I do the same if I’m in a bus or cab or elevator or anywhere with people for that matter. It’s one of the reasons i hate queues. You’d almost think everyone else was infected with some contagious disease.
You may think well, nobody really likes to be touched by strangers. But mine extends to my family! I don’t like to be held, cuddled, snugged next to. If I’m sharing a bed, not even your hair must make contact with mine. I mentally divide the bed into two and keep to my side. It ticks me off when someone tries to hold my hand. I’m the only one allowed to initiate the touching. My mum genuinely worries it would be an issue when I get married. But I think we’d cross that bridge when we get to it.
I’m writing this because there’s a little kid here making me feel really uncomfortable. I’ve been in this child-touching-me situation over an over again. It’s always difficult for me to tell a mother to hold her kid closer to herself without getting the evil eye. I mean, how do I explain to her I don’t have anything against her kid. I just don’t like being touched! Pffft. This is why I enjoy my personal space so much.
Is there anyone else who feels the same? Or do you know someone who feels that way? Is it a normal reaction everyone experiences? Cos I really don’t want to feel like that’s another item to add to people’s This-is-why-you-are-weird list.
Happy Monday Guys!!!

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