Date with the Love of My Life

There was a time in my life I didn’t care about Sunday clothes. It was usually the day I put in the least effort into how I looked and would just throw on an outfit that looked like something the cat dragged in. After all, you are supposed to look sombre. It’s church. I also used to cringe at people who came to church all dolled up. In my mind, these ones were not serious. Do they think they are coming for a fashion show? Pfft. Show offs.

This absolutely screams sombre. Perfect church clothes. Init cute?

One day, someone asked me what I’d wear if I had the chance to go on a date with Jesus. As in good, old God? The one who spoke the entire universe into existence? Oh my chest. I’m totally fan-girling right now. Lmao. You need to see me trying to summon the most beautiful, radiant, heavenly-ish outfit in my head. Still it fell short because what exactly does someone wear on a date with Jesus? If I summon all the designers on this planet, I don’t think they’d be able to come up with something ethereal. Nothing, absolutely nothing can impress Him. 😭😭😭

Then it hit me. I’ve been such an idiot. I have been going on dates with Jesus. I just didn’t see it. Sunday is basically the major day we come together as a church to present ourselves before God, yeah? Now, I don’t picture the old testament church with all the animals they have to slaughter almost on a daily as a date worthy location, except maybe you have a fetish for butchers. But if coming to church isn’t a date with God, duuuude, then what is?

I know to some people this might sound like sacrilege. What? A date with God? Impossible! Heaven’s forbid! How can you demote God to your childish imaginations? God is to be feared! Tremble before Him because you are unworthy. I mean, He’s the consuming fire, the God who smoth…smothed…smithed…hold on, what’s the past tense of smite again?

Not God but he does look like he’s doing some smothing… 😂😂😂

Reading the book, The Shack by William P. Young played a huge role in shaping my disposition towards God. I grew up with this Blade – the vampire slayer – kind of view of God. He’s out here, chopping demon heads and trampling things under his feet. You know, violence everywhere. And this was how I related with him; with fear. Fear of judgement, fear of condemnation, fear of being used as a steak in hell.

But the moment I discovered there was a whole gentle side to Him, I latched on to that. I started to see God through the lens of a loving father; one with a sick sense of humor, one that will chastise you with one hand but also draw you in with another, one that cares about every eeny tiny detail about my life. A father who would catch a grenade, throw his head on a blade and jump in front of a train for me. I doubt the owner of this lyrics can truly do all that but God, ẹ don did it. He died for me and you so we could have a better relationship. So we could talk, and laugh and cry and walk this life together. You’ll now tell me I can’t go on a date with this father? Bua hahaha. Ó wrong now.

There is therfore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Do I fall short? Heck, yeah. Should that stop me from crawling back into the safety of the arms of my father? Kò jor. I enjoy our relationship too much. God dey love ó. Honestly, words are not even enough to describe it. It’s just something you have to see through the eyes of experience.

So back to this date-with-Jesus dress. I’ll probably never be able to nail the perfect one, but I’ve slowly over time paid conscious attention to how I present myself before the Father. I’ve also had to learn to strike a balance because sometimes you look so freaking gorgeous all you are focused on is how many people see and compliment your look. Catwalking about in church, greeting everybody and anybody because your dressing must not waste. Everybody must see me seh. It’s not easy to look sizzling. Oya pretend like you’ve not done this before. 😂😂😂

I’m still a lazy dresser. But I promise I’m working on it. As a heir of the King of all Kings, I should not be falling my father’s hand. I need to represent by always looking like the royalty I am. Especially since I’m triple royalty. *fans self*

I know this is not the Gist you came here for 😂😂😂 but that said, what would you wear if you had an actual date with a real life Jesus?

Just because I’m a fine girl and I’m allowed to show off.

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