Darkest Fear.

Oiza had always been afraid of the dark. It all started when she was four. Her mum had taken her shopping for new toys in a vintage store. As they approached the toy aisle, she had pulled her hands away from her mums’ and had run along the aisle, admiring every toy on the shelves.  Getting to the “Toys for Boys” section, her attention had been drawn to a number of scary looking masks hanging on the shelf. As she drew closer out of curiosity, the store lights went off and there was a very bright flash of lighting. Her scream was heard even on the streets. Her mum always teased her as she had claimed the eyes in the masks moved. She knew what she saw but nobody believed her. They claimed she had a very wild imagination. Ever since, she had always been afraid of the dark, unsure of what lay lurking in the darkness. “Oiza, did you hear me? Can you go down the basement and switch the light to the other line?” The lights had suddenly tripped, trapping her alone in the living room. She had always presented herself as a very strong, independent woman so Salvatore, her fiancé had no idea she was terrified of the dark. She looked at the glowing wristband she was wearing and wondered if it was enough to save her from the monsters waiting for her at every corner. She took very calculated steps as she approached the stairway, her heart thumping in her chest . “What’s taking so long?” he called out from the kitchen as she gripped the rails, descending one step at a time. Her head had begun playing tricks with her.
“Coming!” she shouted back as she closed her eyes and braced herself. She might was well get it done with. She ran down the stairs and pushed open the basement door, groping in the dark for the changeover switch. “Happy Birthday!!!” people screamed in unison as the lights came on. Eyes wide open; she looked around the basement to the familiar faces of family and friends all singing and clapping. She didn’t notice when Salvatore stood beside her and held her hand. He pulled her in for a hug and whispered in her ears.  “I’ve always known you were afraid of the dark. I had to do this just so you can prove to yourself you really don’t have to be afraid of anything.” She sobbed softly against his chest. 
“Happy Birthday Sunshine.”

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