Complexity of Existence.

​As I slipped in and out of consciousness, I wondered how long I had clung to the bench. I wondered how long it would take for help to come…if it did come.  I shuddered as it occurred to me I could be spending the last moments of my life on an abandoned bench, alone and lost. The memories of home began flushing through my head. Home had been warm and cozy. There was always the sound of music. Ma made sure my siblings and I got food when we needed and warmth when we wanted. Home was the sweetest thing you could think of.
I tried to open my eyes but my vision had become blurry. My body ached all over and my breathing had become labored. Ma must be frantic with worry, I thought. A tear dropped from my left eye. I’d be home soon, ma. Someone would find me. Just as I was slipping out again, I felt a warm hand stroke my head.
“Awwwn. Poor thing. Don’t die on me now.” The voice said.
“Thank goodness.” I said. “I can’t move! I think I broke some bones.” I added, rather weakly.
“Come on buddie. You gotta fight. Keep those eyes open.” The voice continued.
“Please…get a doctor.” I said as I felt my eyes begin to close against my will.
“You must be terribly injured.” the voice said as I felt soft hands lift me up.
“Yes! Yes!!!” I screamed in a tiny whisper.
“I’m clueless. What do I do now?” The voice sounded worried.
“Get ma. She would know what to do.” I replied with the last bit of strength left in me.
“Poor thing.” She sighed. “You probably won’t last the next few minutes.” She added as she dropped me back on the bench.
“Come back.” I screamed as I heard her walk away, my voice almost inaudible.
As the last of my strength started to leave me and darkness began to enclose, I heard the sound of thunder. Another storm was coming. With my last breathe, I suddenly realized why she couldn’t understand a word I said. 
She was human. And I…a bird. 

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