Love Crumbled Me

We all have fairytale versions of how we would love our lives to go but it almost never manifests as we hope. You can almost hear the mischievious giggle of life as she throws random stumbling blocks our way. They could be little blocks, they could be huge mountains. But deliver, she must. Sequel to … Continue reading Love Crumbled Me

No. 1 – E. N Kalu (Gospel Music Download)

E.N. Kalu is a Nigerian Gospel Artist and Music Producer. His single titled 'No. 1' is a song of worship to God. Kalu brings to the forefront, a new type of sound different from what we are used to hearing. He describes himself as a Son of the Spirit and says this song is a … Continue reading No. 1 – E. N Kalu (Gospel Music Download)

The Little One


For seven years, the town of Arepo had been under siege from the neighboring villages...The people become helpless and fled their homes to hide in the surrounding caves and mountains...they would gnash their teeth, crying out loud. would help ever come for them?