Before I Die…

From the moment we had our first cry to the moment we’d take our last breath, everything that transpires in between that dash is sort of a time-filler. While we only get to do this life once (except you decide to reincarnate as a tree) and no one knows just how much time has been allocated to them to fill, we might as well fill it up with the best of memories right? Kind of like a live while you are still alive thingy.

My now-on-probation best friend and I used to talk about things we’d like to do before we die. Pretty daring things I must say. I don’t know if we ever put our list into writing but if we did, I absolutely have no clue where it might be in this present age.

This buried and long forgotten memory cum fantasy of mine was brought back from the land of the dead while I was reading a book (All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven) and sort of inspired me to put a list together again. Limitless luxe. A girl is allowed to dream, right? *switches to Australian accent* Alas, my fellow country men, dreaming is free!

This list has no end whatsoever but in order to prevent you from yawning yourself into extinction, I’d stick with just 27. 27 because…well, I expect you’d figure that out on your own. And so *drums rolling*…here we go!

Before I die, I want to…

1. Jump out of a plane.

2. Seal my love with the loml at the padlock bridge in Paris.

Google image

3. Go hiking and then camping in the woods.

4. Travel interstate by road for weeks with nothing but a knapsack and whatever fits in it.

5. Go to a shooting range and ‘play’ with as many big guns as I can.

6. Visit the 7 wonders of the world.

7. Travel to every continent and blog about it.

8. Go wine tasting in Italy.

9. Go on two dates with a Briton. Same Briton. Don’t ask me why.

10. Have sex on the beach. *side eye*

11. Speak Spanish. And French. Just enough to sound sophisticated. Lol.

12. Write a bestselling horror novel.

13. Have lunch with Kevin Hart, John Legend and Jason Mamoa. Separately of course.

14. Participate in a Guiness World Record activity. Something with a positive impact though.

15. Write/Act in/Produce/Direct a movie.

16. Have lunch in a restaurant suspended from the sky.

17. Meet my favorite author. Dan Brown. Yup, I’ve read every single one of his books.

18. Write a book with Stephen King.

19. Learn kickboxing or MMA.

20. Take a long distance train ride to and fro, just because. First class cabin by the way.

21. Drive a fast car furiously. Pun intended.

22. Own a power bike.

23. Ride in a giant ferris wheel just because I’m terrified of height.

24. Spend a night in the World’s Best Hotel.

25. Spend a night in the World’s Worst Hotel.

26. Be part of an archeological expedition.

27. Live. Because isn’t that we are supposed to do till the grim reaper comes calling?

And that would be all for this segment.

How many items on my to-do list do you actually identify with? Which ones had you rolling your eyes and thinking, “this is outrightly ridiculous”? Which ones, perhaps can you help me accomplish? *puppy face*

But then, I’m also challenging you to make your own list. Not here of course. In a journal. On your vision board. Or your thoughts wall. Keep the list open and don’t be afraid to keep adding to it. Dream wide, dream big cos again, dreaming is free afterall. *winks*

Let me leave you these words from the loml in an alternate universe.

PS: I’m accepting applications for the role of a potentially new best friend. Send in your updated and finely polished CV and the management will get back to you. May the best (wo)man win. 😂😂😂

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