And this is Goodbye

“I’m walking away…” *in Craig David’s voice*

Hello! My name is Yemi, your favorite four-eyed wonder. In Sam Smith’s words, “I’m way too good at goodbyes”. However, fret not. Goodbyes are not always the end but first, let’s take a walk back in time

The Genesis

I never intended to start a blog. Like, never. I remember lying on the slice-bread called bed in my friend’s hostel room when this crazy story started playing out in my head. It was ridiculously funny and stupid, I felt I had to share it with someone. Somehow, I ended up on wordpress and storiesfromawarpedmind was born. Here is the first post =>

So what happened next?

After my first story went up, I started to share more ridiculous stories. At this point, I didn’t even think myself a writer. It was more of journaling for me. The moment I became aware of other blogs like mine, I started to feel this pressure to be more serious with my blog. This was when I started to incorporate creative non-fiction and changed to thekeypadwarrior.

And after that?

Well, like Oliver Twist, I wanted more. I wanted to branch out and see how I could use my blog as a space to do something more meaningful and impactful. I tried my hands on new things, new approaches but nothing was really working out. Then I figured getting my own domain name would probably be a good place to start. Thankfully, someone gifted me my current site on my birthday this year.

What changed?

Nothing really. I was still stuck with the old. Still am and I know for sure I didn’t utilize the blog well this year. My website is busy packing dust meanwhile I have few months left to renew my domain. It is well. I cannot come and kill myself.

I would really love a do-over. New templates, a more branded look maybe but none of this makes any sense if I’m not serving useful content. Abi shey na me go dey read my blog? And don’t get me started with all that SEO jagbajantis. No matter how many articles I read or videos I watch, the only thing I get out of it is a monstrous headache. I give up.

Maybe I’m not cut out for this blogger life. Maybe I should just pack my bags and come and be going back to my village. At least I’d stop disturbing innocent people to come and read by force. Meanwhile, while I’m thinking about this decision, I’m open to suggestions and advice. It’s you people that will visit here after all so you can suggest what you’d like to see. If you read and don’t drop any thing, I’d just assume you are part of the village people doing me.

Thank you for sticking by my inconsistent ass all through the year 2019. I hope you don’t give up on me too soon. Even if you give up, no wahala. We move. Have an amazing end of the year and don’t do what I won’t do. This is goodbye. Till we meet again in 2020, stay safe.

Time won't flow backwards for you. Let go of what was and look forward to what is.
Love and Light,
Oya chop billion-dollar smile.

11 thoughts on “And this is Goodbye

  1. Every of your work I have read is simply brilliant and better by the day. So no doubt we are in for more spice in 2020. I await.

  2. Yoo olredi know wat some1 like me will say though. First i want yoo to be aware that yur journey in life can only be walked by yoo and no one else. Friend , Family and Foes will only give an advice or two at the end of the day yoo will be on yur own. Talk about yoo not being a good writer, wenever i read or hear yoo say a thing about that i just giggle as in i giggle so tay yoo sef go laff wen yoo compare my writing to yurs. My dear, do yoo enjoy this thing yoo do ? If yoo enjoy it our opinion is not needed but if yoo dont i will be in yur DM.

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