#6wordstory – 10/5

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The world system by default has a way of trying to put you in a box. It tries to dictate to you what the “ideal” life is and how to live it. Pressures are mounting by the very fact that you need to fit in just right into the society standard. From getting the perfect grades, to getting the perfect job, to being the perfect body size and the likes. This unfortunately is the recipe to living a sad and frustrated life. I realized a bit too late where my real passion laid. Like every average Nigerian child, I had to stick to the path I had been nudged to. I struggled so long to find my identity because I have always been a non-conformist. “Where do i fit in all these?” I would ask. Then I saw the light. I took a detour. I’m on a journey to rediscovering myself. I’ve embraced what truly makes me tick and thus,  look forward to every new day. Truth is, at the end of the day, you are answerable to yourself. It’s your life to live. Don’t sentence yourself to prison for people who will move on to the next person in an instant. So, if you have to, go ahead and take the road less traveled. You are not alone.
Love, Yemi.

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