#6wordstory – 9/5

I’ve been under so much pressure lately. I hardly get enough sleep. Combining keeping up with the blog with a full time job is having it’s toll on me. Migraines have become a part of my everyday life. My body doesn’t feel like mine anymore. I don’t work well under pressure. Yesterday, I had had it. I was going to quit the whole thing. Abandon the blog. Go off social media. Stop writing. But I realized writing is what makes me, me. I have plans. I have a vision. Giving up wouldn’t get me there. I still haven’t figured out how to balance the whole thing. But I’ve chosen not to give up today. Winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win. I’d do the best I can and not bother my head over anything. Afterall, you only live once. 
So whatever it is you are going through right now, no matter how difficult it may seem, I’m here to tell you, “You are not giving up today.”

5 thoughts on “#6wordstory – 9/5

  1. Sophia Ismaa Writes says:

    If it helps, maybe a schedule might be good, if you aren’t already doing that and that way you can allot time to write. 🙂 Do take breaks when you need it, better that than to experience burn-out where the quality might suffer. Best of luck. X

  2. Onie Maniego says:

    I need that quote. I’m in a difficult phase in life, and I hope I can say “I’m glad I didn’t gave up.” I quit social media, deactivating and uninstalling apps to have more time for myself than to show-off how “great” life is when it’s not. Still, I’m not giving up on my hobbies and leisure as it’s what gives fire inside me.
    Thanks for sharing Yemi.

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