5 Ways To Make Your Partner Want You

First of all, if you are reading this, come here let’s talk.

Ki lo shele gangan? Child of God…which other want do you want again? Is the want they are wanting not wanted enough? Wait…do you really think we are here for that kind of wanting? Ehn, that one you are thinking na. If you like be pretending.

I’m only here to tell you 5 WAYS TO MAKE YOUR PARTNER WANT YOUr opinions. Abeg no vex say I no complete am for headline. Na space finish. 五五五

Do you ever feel like when you are giving advice to your SO, it’s like talking to a brick wall or should we say cement fence since this is Nigeria. It feels like they automatically tune out the moment you open your mouth. Or have you ever received that “but I wasn’t asking for your opinion” kind of ella. The kind of ella that will make you question your ancestry.

Dear friend, these are signs that you’ve been doing it wrong all along. You see, just because you can open your mouth and construct a thousand complex sentences doesn’t mean you know how to talk. Maybe o mooro so.

So, how can I make my partner (insert any other human specie) want my opinion, you ask?

1. Be considerate.

You can’t always be right. Except you want to be left alone. Hehehehe. See what I did there? I know how us humans can like to feel like we are the custodians of all truths. You are not. Get off your high horse or I’ll cut off its legs. State your point but don’t shove it down their throats. It’s only a baby you can force feed. 五五五

2. Keep an open mind.

More like a continuation of the above. Allow them voice their opinion after you voice yours. Weigh all options and work on coming to a consensus. It’s not about who is right or who is wrong. It’s about getting the maximum result at the end of the day.


See how I intentionally capitalized this point? Keep your tone at a minimal. You are not in the national assembly for Pete’s sake. It’s just the both of you talking. Stop trying to redecorate their face with your acid spit. It’s not that deep. Make love not war (please do not misquote me, I take God beg you.)

4. Watch your language.

You may be talking like a mouse but you might as well be shutting your partner up with your choice of words. Words like, “that’s so stupid”, “you are so dumb”, “do you have sense”, “what is this one saying” etc.

Haba. It aff do. Did the person borrow your destiny abi what is all the abuse for? To whom respect is given, respect is expected. Borrow yourself brain.

5. Words of affirmation.

If your partner’s pov turns out to be more effective, don’t hesitate to praise them. Nigerian men…NIGERIAN MEN, oya pull your ears now o. You people are on this table. If you turn out to be wrong, praise your babe. You won’t die if you agree you were wrong. Your man…*clears throat* Let’s leave that for another day.

So, we stop here for today. Feel free to add yours in the comment section. And if you don’t share this post, wetin you gain? No, just tell me…

7 thoughts on “5 Ways To Make Your Partner Want You

  1. Mr bayo says:

    Am i the only one that feels these things arr easier said than done. In my opinion two people who understands each other and wants to be forever will do whatever it takes to be together. Other than that, me i do not think there is a manual to how these things work out for real. Nice post by the way.

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