29 Things Before 29 – My Bucket List

The idea of making this list came to me out of the blues. It’s safe to say up till this point, I’ve lived a very boring life and probably won’t have a lot of stories to tell when I’m old and grey. What kind of storyteller would that make me even? *face palm*

Although, this was supposed to be a 30 before 30 list, I decided to start out with this to sort of test the ground and see show I fare. This list scares the hell out of me cos I do have to leave my comfort zone to tick them off successfully. Hopefully I can do this with your help along the way. Dig in and enjoy!

1. Run 10km. The longest distance I have done is 7km. This was 2 years ago. Last time I went for a run, I almost died on the road and it wasn’t even up to 2km. So yeah…it’s going to be tough but it’s not undoable. Pray for a sister.

2. Buy and wear a bikini. I actually made myself a pair last month but I guess it doesn’t count. I want Victoria’s secrets. Buhahaha.

3. Take skin care more seriously. By now, my gender should have rejected me because all my beauty products spend years on my shelf till they expire. I’m sorry.

4. Learn how to swim. I need to overcome my fear of water. 9 years ago, I almost drowned at the beach and I’m still traumatized by the event.

5. Do a movie marathon. I might do this with someone or alone. I’m aiming at 12hrs. Too small?

6. Have my almighty six packs at last. Guys, the 2 packs I even have is turning to one and a half. My enemies will not succeed. *sheds premium tears*

7. Kiss a stranger. Muah! It is what it is. Let’s not debate the details.

Kissing a stranger would be perfect under this condition. Image by Dayo

8. Go one week without social media. Social detox!!! I feel more in tune with myself when I’m offline for days. But connecting to the world is a neccessary evil. Or is it?

9. Dress up for cosplay. Well, more like dress like a fictional character. I’d love to be the black widow. If I can’t make a cheap knock off suit, I’d rent it. But then, this is totally dependent on number 6. Natasha Romanov does not have eba stomach.

10. Volunteer outside Lagos. I just need an excuse to leave this city. Preferably somewhere I’ve not been before. So Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Crossriver and Anambra are out of the list.

11. Travel with no money. I don’t think it’s safe in this country to travel and depend on the goodwill of strangers in a strange land. Imagine knocking on someone’s door and saying “I’ll work for food and a night cap”. They will just bundle me, give me to the police. So, maybe I’d have someone waiting to receive me?

12. Go on a blind date. Not exclusive to any gender. Who’s going to be my plug for this?

13. Dine alone at a restaurant. I’ve always wanted to do this since forever. So, yeah I might as well add it to the list.

14. Go to an art gallery. Nike Art Gallery seems popular. Never been. But is there any one else in existence in this Nigeria (or Lagos)?

15. Get a headshot. My favorite headshot was a studio test picture taken by a friend. If you’ve known me a while, I’m sure you are tired of seeing it. I need something new and…LinkedIn worthy, maybe?

Bayoshotit shot this headshot. Crap. I think I bit my tongue.

16. Live with a stranger for 3 days. You can be rest assured I’m collecting the details of every member of this person’s family from 3 generations ago and sending to everyone on my contact list because I don’t like what I hate. I’d prefer an old person though. But anyhow.

17. Learn how to dance. Imagine having a bridesmaid that can’t dance. She will just ruin your whole wedding reception vibes. Yes, I’ve not given up hope of being a bridesmaid in this lifetime. I will not get the opportunity and then go disgrace my ancestors. Lai lai.

18. Go one week on only water. This has no health benefits with scientific backing. I just like to do extreme things. *face palm*

19. Go one week eating only raw fruits and vegetables. This is me lowkey trying a raw vegan diet. I can already tell it won’t be so much fun. But hey…never say never. My body would definitely thank me for it.

20. Get a tattoo. It’s about time ooooo. Yemi, hian. How long will you keep procrastinating on this matter? Just do it already omo mi.

21. Stop being so fearful and get a second opinion on the lumpy situation in my breast. Long story short, 4years ago I found a lump in my left breast. After scaring myself to death with Dr google, I got it checked and was told it was nothing. But I still worry it’s not nothing cos I have been having this dull pain around that region since it got discovered. Coupled with the fact that the lump is bigger now. Or maybe it’s my imagination.

Anyways, dear women October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Do a self examination if possible every morning and go get checked if you notice something suspicious. Don’t be like me. Sòrò sóké.

22. Change my hair color. Something is telling me I will soon cut my hair cos this life no be war. Maybe a nice pixie cut with some color. Thinking fiery red or deceptive purple or maybe snow white.

23. Read 29 books by 29 different authors from 29 different coutries. Currently reading a book by a Turkish author and I must say, I’m enamored. I’m open to book suggestions from you. Hit me!

24. Sing the whole of John Legend’s “All of me” without sounding like a frog having a stroke. I’ve always lowkey said I don’t want to get married till I can afford to have John perform this song at my wedding reception. I seem to have an unhealthy obsession with the song. Will you guys organize a GoFundMe to fly John down or it’s gonna be a “how many retweet” kind of thing? *puppy face*

25. Write a book. Sigh. I’ve been ‘writing’ a book since forever. Actually, I have written a book. I’m just too scared to release it to the world. So..do I write a new one or publish what I’ve written? We’d see.

26. Bake a cake from scratch. Lmao. My mum used to be a Baker. Still is..sort of. Cakes, pasties, name it. Although I grew up watching and helping her, one thing like this did not stick in this my coconut head. I wonder why I never paid attention. I only wonder.

27. Go on a spag or pizza date with Bolaji Gelax . Suggested by the royal highness herself. Not a fan of spaghetti or pizza but her company is definitely gonna be worth it.

28. Learn something new about 3 uncommon cultures in Nigeria. Hopefully I learn this from travel and not from an article badly put together by a resentful, underpaid IT student.

29. Actually celebrate my 29th birthday. As a child, I always had cake on my birthdays because no 26. But never have I had a party. It’s just always the basic cake and/or food with the people I’m with at the moment. I’m due for a party. *throws tantrums*

Again, this list is much scarier than the monsters that hang out under my bed but I have faith that I will overcome. No pressures though. I just really want to experience how life could be if I wasn’t so afraid to venture. I have exactly 6 months to accomplish all of this and my time starts…now.

So…which number can you relate to? Which one do you think I won’t be able to pull off? And what is one thing you’d love to do before your next birthday? Share below and let’s connect. Kizzez.

Blouse, skirt and ankara belt made by me.

5 thoughts on “29 Things Before 29 – My Bucket List

  1. Wow! This is truly a bucket list and also achievable (some of them sha 😂). But all the best with this.

    And as for that drinking water for one week, I did only 3 days and I wanted to die.

  2. Mama look, I made it!!! 💃💃🥳🥳

    Girl, I am so looking forward to number 22! What?! I have a picture in my head already, and I think deceptive purple (whatever that is) would be perfect!

    And number 25, can we have the book launch already? T for thanks! 😁

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