29 before 29: I went on a blind date

Date Stats
My outfit: Navy blue t-shirt with light grey jeans
His outfit: Light blue t-shirt with dark grey cargo shorts
Day: Sunday
Time: 6:50pm to 8:30pm

Took my dad along with me to my date.

I had actually given up on this blind date thingy because I wasn’t sure I wanted to put myself through the mental gymnastics of answering questions but my date – Mr. Field and Drinks – made this so effortless. Yeah, yeah. I know I said I was going to decline but in between getting stuck with a painful lack of inspiration and almost tearing my hair out of frustration, I accepted his let’s-just-see-each-other-briefly invite.

Before today, I had no idea what he looked like which is how I wanted it anyways. The only thing I was told is dude’s tall. I saw him and was neither excited nor disappointed. He was intimidatingly tall for sure but there were no outstanding features about him. Or maybe I was just too tired to register anything. My brain was so paper mache.

Our date didn’t kick off all rosy. After insisting I didn’t want to come over to his place, guess where he ended up taking me – HIS. HOUSE. Don’t even get me started on the two obnoxiously loud people in the house. I was menatlly grinding my teeth but this tiny voice in my head told me to loosen up and keep an open mind. Thankfully, Jason* took me outside where we sat under the starless sky for the rest of our ‘date’.

For someone with an annoying love for abbreviations and bland chats, he’s pretty skillful at steering conversations. I was neither bored nor pressured to give a power-point presentation. I don’t know what soap he used to wash his eyes but dude was just seeing right through me. rme Somehow, he made me come face to face with what I’ve always known but avoided facing head on – my fear of living.

It was also nice to see someone genuinely interested in my interests. He didn’t just go along with the conversation but kept chipping in things I could do to improve my user experience. You’d think this guy had a personal investment in me. I was most definitely inspired and charged up. I hope I keep up the energy though cos I no too get sense like that.

Like all good things, the night had to come to an end. At the point of going our separate ways, he leaned in for a kiss while I was mid-sentence. Time stopped and I felt chills in my bones. He’s a pretty good kisser and I was blushing like crazy because ó ti pé mehn. And because he’s a tease, he kissed me again so that I’d have “something to think about tonight.”

I kissed a stranger! Mum, if you are reading this, please avoid me. T for Thainks.

I’d rate the date 8.5/10. Turned out way better than I expected or maybe I’m just partial because of the heat-inducing kisses. But whatever. Face your front.

With that, I’ve ticked not just one but two items off my bucket list; I went on a blind date and I kissed a stranger. Yupee dupee dooo. Let me know what you think in the comments. Till next time, fellas. See ya.

My stupid choice of a shirt. So much for effort.

Jason* Real name withheld yada yada yada, you get the point.


15 thoughts on “29 before 29: I went on a blind date

  1. Hi cute writer, I would like to have same kinda date with you. I have written a Poem I want to whisper to you under the stars and perhaps arrange the stars to spell your name too.

    Your faithfully
    Dazed fan

  2. Hey beautiful can I apply for a blind date too? But take a good bag of change of clothes with you.

    E get why oh ☺️

  3. Awwww… Look at me blushing o🤭

    I love to see it eeeeet! You have no idea how happy I am that you went on a blind date. Like for realssss!

    And, may God bless Jason for that kiss. It’s sweetening my body tok 😂

  4. I’d like to go on a blind date too, but I’ll prefer we go to a country outside the country we both reside in. This will help us explore each other. Nice One Yemi. Weldon!

    1. 😂😂😂Babe, this one na national budget ó. Chai. But ẹ go make mad sense. Better still if he’s not from your country sef

  5. Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!
    I ld really love to go on an adventurous journey as this someday…

    Maybe I l steal my first kiss there too

  6. Nice story but where did your Dad disappeared to when the mushy mushy kiss was happening!? 😂

    Come back and complete the story ooo

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