15 Questions with Yemi


Long time no post. I hope y’all have been good and taking life in gentle strides. Lately, I’ve had an influx of amazing souls and felt it would be a good time for a “get to know me” post. I guess it’s the first of its kind too. *does a back flip*

Sooooo, here are 15 questions carefully curated and answered by me. Grab a glass of water, put your feet up and enjoy!!!!

1. How can you tell when I’m having a bad day?

Boy, it’s always written all over my face. I do not handle stress well. Just can’t hide it. Plus the sour mood and me likely biting your head off over the littlest things. Best to just avoid me like the plague and let me simmer in peace.

2. Who is my oldest friend?

Damilare Omelere!!! We’ve been together over 10years and I haven’t seen him in 9 out of that. But he’s been a real one. Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve him but then again, what would he do without all these awesomeness I have to offer in his life? You are welcome, Darey.

3. Would I rather live in a big city or on a farm?

Farm, any day, anytime. I mean,…growing my own food, the ambience, less air pollution, less people to deal with, no traffic madness!!!. As long as I have good internet connection, regular light and water supply…wetin I dey find again?

4. Have I ever had any kind of paranormal experience?

Lmao, if we start this gist today, we will not leave here. All I can tell you is we are not alone in this world. Regardless of your faith or lack of it, our world coexists with another that cannot be seen by the physical eyes. Let’s share the grace.

5. What habit do I have now that I wish I had started earlier.

Can you guess? *side eye* Fitness of course. It caught my eye back in 2013 and I gave a lot of legit but lazy ass excuses. But hey, what matters most is that I started. It’s been an amazing journey and I can’t wait to transfer my knowledge and help people on their journeys too.

Turned my can’t to can

6. How do I show someone I love them?

I’m not exactly expressive which I’m working on but I’d legit go the extra mile for people I love. That’s for family and friends. But in a romantic relationship, lol, I’ll smother you with everything in my arsenal. Forget all these hard guy I’m doing up and down, I’m a die hard sweet romantic. The whole nine yards mehn. Ask my ex. JK. Lmao.

7. What are your thoughts on love and marriage?

Love…is beautiful. Magical if you ask me. And I know the status quo is for two people to fall in love, get engaged, get married blah blah. But honestly, not all love stories would end in marriage and not all marriages would be born of love stories. So if you ask me, I guess what matters most is finding someone whose energy matches with yours, y’all give it your best and…good luck with your journey I guess.

8. If I had a warning label, what would it say?

“Mostly moody with a chance of unpredictable.”

9. What’s the worst thing I’ve eaten out of politeness?

Soggy noodles made by a male friend. I can’t for the life of me imagine how someone can ruin noodles even with the easy to follow steps on the pack. You guys should do better please. Cooking skill is not for the female gender only.

10. Who is my favorite fictional character?

Tony Stark/Iron Man of the MCU. He talks like I think. Just love everything about him. Yet to get over his death. Still hurts like crazy.

Tony, my man!!!

11. Is there one color that I seem to really have in my closet?

Black. Solid black. Patterns with a black base. If not black, then colors with really dark undertone.

12. Do I collect anything?

Hair!!! So everytime I comb my hair, I take off the part that sticks to the comb and throw them into a collection jar. I have two jars so far and I really don’t know what I’m going to do with them on the long run.

13. What do I need to let go?

Fear. Crippling fear that prevents me from seizing the moment and living my best life. I’m not going to live forever, you know. So yeah, I’m working on that.

14. Am I pleasant to be around?

Once we can get over the stage of me being shy and overthinking everything and I get real comfortable with you, I can be cool. I like to think I’m bold and adventurous with the right push. Too much energy coursing these veins.

15. If I could have any superpower what would it be?

Healing. Seeing people sick, in pain and wasting away breaks my heart. I would heal everyone if I could. But again, the powers that be would want to capture me, monopolize, commercialize and possibly try to replicate that ability. It’s like this world is allergic to good things.

Well, we’ve come to the end of this episode. It’s safe to say you’ve learnt something new about me. And I hope you had fun reading it as I had fun writing it. Till next time, I’m your favorite lagos introvert. Muah!

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