7 Deadly Sins: Nigerian Version

Do you know who I am? (Pride) Come across two hot-headed people at logger heads and you most likely will hear these words fall out of someone’s mouth. Apparently it’s being said to intimidate the other person, to make them cower and back off. But it almost never works anyways. Except those words are from … Continue reading 7 Deadly Sins: Nigerian Version

Life Lesson From The Seasoning Cube

Growing up as the first daughter automatically trust me into taking responsibilities early in life. At the tender age of 10, I was already preparing meals for my family. I had spent a lot of time watching my mum make these meals over and over again, so it wasn’t really difficult for me to replicate. … Continue reading Life Lesson From The Seasoning Cube


The Little One

For seven years, the town of Arepo had been under siege from the neighboring villages...The people become helpless and fled their homes to hide in the surrounding caves and mountains...they would gnash their teeth, crying out loud. would help ever come for them?


Things I Want My Daughters To Know (free pdf)

Genre: Psychological fiction A mother’s love for her children can’t be matched. And for Barbara, not even cancer could separate her from her four daughters; Lisa who is dealing with commitment issues, Jennifer who seems to have it all put together but is just an inch away from falling apart, Amanda who spends as much … Continue reading Things I Want My Daughters To Know (free pdf)

Colourful snapdragon flowers in a garden

Primavera – Episode 4

Uche leaned against the car and rapped his fingers on the roof. He watched as Somto emerged from the Junior Church building. As much as a lot had changed in the home front, she was still diligent with her service in church. It baffled him how she had become a stranger to their daughter yet … Continue reading Primavera – Episode 4