Once Lost, Twice Broken

My freshly fixed neon nails suddenly looked more interesting than everything else going on around me. I had stepped into church convincing myself I had been away for too long. The truth was, I had come with the hopes of ‘accidentally’ running into him. But the uneasiness I felt deep in my stomach told me … Continue reading Once Lost, Twice Broken



The group huddled together for a picture as the tour guide struggled with the glittered iPhone, obviously foreign to him. Amber cringed and silently prayed he wouldn’t drop it. I went hungry to buy this phone. Don’t let my village people win. ‘Say furaha,’ the tour guide finally chanted, exposing two missing front teeth. A … Continue reading Tsoro


The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s wives

  When I first heard the title of the book, I came up with several theories as to what the secret lives of these wives could be. But I was in for a shocker as my thoughts were a bit off the theme. Baba Segi (real name Ishola Ajao) is a middle-class business man who … Continue reading The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s wives

No. 1 – E. N Kalu (Gospel Music Download)

E.N. Kalu is a Nigerian Gospel Artist and Music Producer. His single titled 'No. 1' is a song of worship to God. Kalu brings to the forefront, a new type of sound different from what we are used to hearing. He describes himself as a Son of the Spirit and says this song is a … Continue reading No. 1 – E. N Kalu (Gospel Music Download)

Love Happens

(An almost true story) It was the first day of the free skills acquisition project organized by one of the corpers and work was in full force. Oiza had no idea what she had volunteered for would be back breaking. The pile of application forms kept increasing, almost like half the town had turned up … Continue reading Love Happens